FAQ – Here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions:

  • How long before my appointment do I need to get my echo and blood tests done?

    At least one week before the appointment is preferred, so that the results will be available at the time of your consultation.
  • How long will my appointment take?

    New patient consultations usually take between 30-60 minutes. Review consultations usually take around 20 minutes.
  • When will my Holter monitor or blood pressure monitor results be available?

    It usually takes 2-5 days to get the information downloaded, analysed and report produced, printed and returned to our practice. We ask that you phone for your results 2-3 days after return of the monitor and the doctor will return your call as soon as the results are available.
  • Can my results be faxed to my GP?

    We endeavour to communicate results to all referring doctors and can do so as soon as your cardiologist has seen your results.
  • Do I need a new referral for each visit?

    You need a valid referral for each outpatient consultation, but it does not have to be a new one each time. Your GP decides how long he/she wishes the referral to be valid for at the time of its issuing. Typically, GPs provide referrals that are valid for 6-12 months, but they can also provide indefinite referrals if they choose to. Referrals from specialists can only remain valid for a maximum of 3 months from the date they are written.
  • Can I get an indefinite referral?

    We can accept an indefinite referral from your GP for ongoing conditions e.g. pacemaker checks. A specialist is unable to provide an indefinite referral.